The Sound of Technology Failing

What is the sound of technology failing? I discovered this today while trying access my home voice mail over my cell phone. Accessing my voice mail is pretty easy. Just call my home number, wait for the voice message to start and then press "*" before the message stops and wait to be prompted for a password. Works every time....


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The Tree Trimming Issue

Part I

How would I traverse a tree structure but handle each node according the sequence of handler dependencies? Or, to put it another way, manipulate one tree of "objects" with another tree of "functions". This is a problem I've found myself thinking about and what follows is just my heavily diagrammed description of it.


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Prototype Pattern

I started reading Mark Summerfield's new book Python in Practice. The first section covers object-oriented software design patterns. Everytime I come across an article or a book that goes over patterns I tell myself I need to make a point of illustrating these from my own experiences, as I can never remember all their names. Here's an example of the prototype pattern from a recent bit of code.


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The Outlook Reading Pane & the Read Message Flag

How best to manage marking emails as being read in Microsoft Outlook 2010? You have a couple of options, but really, just don't use the Reading Pane.


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